Sunday Program

Braj Mandir invites you to join us for the Sunday program. Our Sunday program includes:
Bhajan, Lecture, Arati and Prasadam (dinner)
Sunday Program – Every Sunday at 4:30pm
Volunteers please arrive at 3pm to help prepare for prasadam.

Prasadam Sponsored by:
Karna Lal Shrestha
Sponsorship Amount:
Sunday Services $108
Prasadam $251

If you would like to sponsor the Sunday feast please send email at or call 781-767-0990



Braj Mandir follows the teaching of the Nimbarki tradition. We believe in following the teachings of Radha Krishna. The temple philosophy teaches us about devotional love, service, singing and dancing.

Braj Mandir (Hindu temple) welcomes everyone regardless of age, race, sexual orientation, or religious background. Our programs are attended by a diverse community. There is no membership required to participate in our temple programs and events.

When you enter Braj Mandir you will take off your shoes in the lobby, wash your hand, and be seated on a chair or the floor. You can simply pick up a pillow or small carpet for comfortable sitting on the floor. Children are welcome to sit with their families in the temple or play outside supervised by an adult. The services at the temple are informal.

We begin at 4:30 every Sunday by singing mantras or bhajans. These are very simple and easy to adopt. Our singing chants are also available in an English handout. We encourage all attendees to participate in these chants. The lecture on Gita begins at 5:30 in English. Attendees are encouraged to share their experience and ask question.

The arati begins at 6:30. This includes the waving of the fire in front of Radha Krishna deities, offering of water, fanning air with peacock feathers, blowing the conch shell, and offering of a vegetarian meal prepared with love and devotion called Prasadam.

While the arati is being offered everyone stands up to dance and sing the Yugal Maha Mantra.

While the arati is being offered everyone stands up to dance and sing the Yugal Maha Mantra.

Radhe Krishna, Radhe Krishna

Krishna Krishna Radhe Radhe

Radhe Shyam Radhe Shyam

Shyam Shyam Radhe Radhe

The vegetarian dinner is offered upon the completion of the arati at about 7:00pm.
The progam concludes with a second arati at 8:00pm.


Includes Darshan, Kirtan, Aratis and Take-Out Prasadam

Sri Radhe!

You are invited to participate in our weekly Sunday program. All attendees are required to wear a mask and follow at least 6′ social distancing with anyone other than your household family members.

During the rest of the week, our Drive-Thru Darshan will be available from 9am-9pm. We have prepared Maha Prasadam boxes with sweets and snacks prepared by devotees with love and devotion. These will be shared with all. Simply drive your car up to the drive thru location and walk to the takeout window to pick up the Maha Prasadam box for your family.

We thank the volunteers who are offering their devotional service to bring prasadam to the doorsteps of the New England community. This service is well-received by the patients and staff of Bridgewater State Hospital, students of universities and the elderly community.

Radhe Radhe!


711 S. Franklin Street
HolbrookMA 02343

ph: 781-767-0990

Prasadam is a vegetarian meal prepared with love and devotion, offered to Sri Radha, the embodiment of unconditional love. The sharing of prasadam brings harmony and joy within our hridaya.

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