Holi ~ Festival of Colors

Promotes Unity In Diversity!!

Saturday, July 10, 2021
9 am - 2 pm



Devotional chanting with instruments from around the world
                                Dance performance with exciting music and breathtaking choreography

Register your group performance by clicking here

Drama with glittering costumes and elaborate face masks

Vegetarian lunch prepared to serve all

Real Holi play with colors, live band, thandai
drink - A heart and mind
opening experience

You don’t want to miss this great festival as it will broaden your
horizon and make you aware that the whole world is one family. 

The mood of Holi Festival is to be respectful, creative, open-minded, caring,
friendly and sharing your innerself, while playing just like children

Remember to wear your whites, or other
clothing that's ready to be brilliantly COLORED!

New England’s largest Holi Event!


Click here to view Holi Video

To accomodate the expected large assembly we have
reserved the South School (719 S. Franklin St,
Holbrook, MA 02343) located directly behind the temple.

You simply come to the temple and park your car in the temple
parking lot, street parking or at the South school parking lot.

Our program will begin promptly at 9am.

Volunteers Please arrive at 8am.

We Thank Following Sponsors:

Festival Sponsors
Sponsorship Needed

Prasadam Sponsors:
Rajas and Dipak Shah
Varsa and Rakesh Patel
Anupama and Vikash Chhabra
Anubhav and Rashim Sharma
Debjani and Subrata Ray
Sonia and Shyam Sunder Jindal
Sourjya Ray
Sriranjani and Sriram Narayanan
Vivek and Shruti Kapoor

Flower Sponsors:
Sponsorship Needed

Deity Dress Sponsors:
Paramhansa ji

Cultural Program Sponsor:

Sponsorship Amount:

Festival Sponsorship $5008
Prasadam Sponsorship $1508
Cultural Program Sponsor $501
Deity Dress Sponsorship $501
Flowers Sponsorship $501

This day Several events took place in Vedic history but two of them
are most famous. Sri Radha and her beloved Sri Krishna played
together with colors in Braj Mandal, India. Also, a King named
Hirnyakashpu wanted to kill his own five year old son Prahlad
because he was a devotee of Sri Krishna. Hirnyakashupu sent his
sister Holika who had a plan to burn Prahalada in the fire but by the
grace of Sri Krishna, Prahalada was protected.

711 S. Franklin Street
HolbrookMA 02343

ph: 781-767-0990

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